Body-Mind Centering®

Sundays 9h30-12h30
public adult

drop down, settle

   ground in sensation

in-fold, unfold,

suspend… listen

General Presentation

Body-Mind Centering® and Continuum are two Somatic Movement Education practices which help us learn to deepen our perception of our physical selves.

Slowing down and paying attention de our breath, our movement and our relationship to gravity, enables us to come more closely into contact with the physical sensations that underlie all of our cognitive functions.

During the workshops

The practice is based upon the fact that we are fluid-filled organisms living in a fluid-filled world, and that tuning into this fluidity leads us to our inner resources. Workshops are articulated around:

  • Simple, slow and structured breath, sound and movement explorations, and
  • Pauses in open attention during which inner movement or stillness is given free expression.


  • 1 workshop : 25 €
  • 3 workshops : 60 €
  • 5 workshops : 100 €

SUNDAY MORNINGS 9h30 – 12h30

2019/2020 – dates to be defined

Espace Paramédical Mandala

51 Route de Pugny


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