Somatic Education

leaning in to listen

Somatic Education

We perceive our ‘soma‘ (from the Greek somatikos – ‘living body’) through our felt-senses – and in particular through proprioception, kinaesthesia and graviception.

Somatic Education practices deepen our aptitude for self-inquiry and inner listening.

Hands-on English classes

A hands-on and sensorial approach to learning English phonetics, melody and rhythm, through movement – our first language.

Simple vocabulary. Basic tenses. Playful approach to grammar.

Continuum Classes

Continuum is a practice of inquiry founded by Emilie Conrad.

Slowing down and paying attention to breath, sound, movement and relationship to gravity enables us to feel what is moving within us.

The practice is based upon the fact that we are fluid-filled organisms living in a fluid-filled world, and that tuning into this fluidity leads us to our inner resources. Classes are articulated around:

  • Sequences of simple and slow breath, sound and movement explorations, and
  • Pauses in open attention during which inner movement – or stillness – finds expression.

In the words of Emilie Conrad (in her book ‘Life on Land’):

Language, shaped by breath, sculpts our throats, signalling our connective tissue to orchestrate itself accordingly. Our breath, or lack of it, will determine bodily structure by the ways in which our diaphragm either liberates or cloisters emotional expression […] One of the miracles of the human voice is that it can modulate and nuance sound […] sound is one of the most efficient and immediate ways of changing density and thereby liberating movement.”

Emilie Conrad – Founder of Continuum

Excerpt from the dvd, “Somatic Approaches to Movement: Interviews with founders, teachers and choreographers”. With kind permission of Lila Greene, project director and Odile Rouquet, producer. This 2 hour DVD is available in North America at eeg-cowles Foundation and in Europe at Recherche en mouvement.

To listen is to lean in softly with a willingness to be changed by what we hear

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