Naomi Walker

Translation & Somatic Education

Naomi Walker


Scientifically-trained linguist serving professionals, academic institutions, and international humanitarian organisations in the fields of health and the environment.


Specialised in the following fields:

Psychology | Sociology
Ecology |  International Solidarity



Continuum teacher.

Personal Experience

I was born in London in 1971, into a multicultural family, and navigated from a very early age between cultures  and languages. I am a balanced bilingual, with equal proficiency in both English and French, and have studied, lived and worked in three different countries (England, France and USA).

My multicultural family environment has given me first-hand experience of human diversity and the subtleties of the cultural differences that find expression through language.



MSc. Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology – Stanford University (USA).

BSc. Physics – Imperial College (London, UK).


Environmental and Ecology Education, Renewable Energy & Climate Change Education, Permaculture Design.

Somatic Movement Education – School for Body Mind Centering® :                                SOMA (France) and Embody Move (England).

In-depth practice

Feldenkrais Method, Iyengar Yoga, Rosen Method.


Member of the Continuum Teachers Association

Professional Experience

1995 – 2000

Polluted Soil and Groundwater Remediation Engineer

Since 2001

Freelance Translator

Since 2000

Teacher (Somatic Movement Education, English Language, Ecology)

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