Naomi Walker

Naomi Walker


Scientifically-trained linguist and teacher serving professionals working in the fields of education, health, environmental protection and international solidarity.

Personal Experience

I was born in London into a multicultural family, and navigated from a very early age between cultures and languages. I am a balanced bilingual, with equal proficiency in both English and French.

Very early on, my multicultural family environment gave me first-hand experience of the complexities and subtleties that find expression through language.



MSc. Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology – Stanford University (United States)

BSc. Physics – Imperial College London (England)


Renewable Energy, Waste Management and Sustainable Development  – ASDER (France)

Permaculture Design Course – Whitefield Permaculture (England)

Agroecology Leadership Training – Terre et Humanisme (France)

Somatic Education through Movement and Touch BMC® Training – SOMA (France)

Foundational Corps – Émotion – Parole® Training

Professional Experience

Since 2010

Freelance translator and teacher

2003 -2008

Climate Change Educational Project Facilitator and Coordinator – HESPUL

1995 – 2000

Polluted Soil and Groundwater Remediation Engineer and Field Technician – Woodward Clyde Consultants

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