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High-quality translation requires precision, patience and curiosity. Therefore, I translate in subject areas that touch me, and that I feel have a positive impact. A good translator translates into her mother tongue, as this is the language that is most deeply ‘felt’. Having always been immersed in both languages, I translate both from French to English and from English to French.

Areas of Expertise

My experience and technical training make me most proficient in the following areas:

Ecology | General Medicine
Psychology | Sociology
Disability | International Solidarity


Translation process

I will inquire about:
– The reason and context in which the document was written
– The target audience and final format
– The use of specific terminology

And, will need a contact person within your organisation, in case clarifications are required.

Projects go through a rigorous translation and proofreading process to ensure that your translated document:
– is accurate, consistent, reliable and grammatically sound,
– clearly conveys the correct message, in the desired style and tone,
– is culturally adapted.

See SFT’s Code of Professional Conduct 

See ITI’s Code of Professional Conduct



Projects are approached individually, and pricing takes into account a number of factors including volume and complexity.

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