Naomi Walker

Scientifically-trained linguist and teacher serving professionals working in the fields of education, health, environmental protection and international solidarity. Read more…



Translation | Certified Translation | Community Interpreting 


Psychology | Sociology | Ecology | International Solidarity


Types of documents:

Educational training materials, subtitles, communication tools.

Scientific articles, research reports, book chapters.

Environmental policies, environmental impact assessments.

Practical guides and tools, interview transcripts.


Clients / Contexts:

International humanitarian organisations, international development agencies, research institutions, universities, health professionals and practitioners, teachers, authors.

Teaching / Leadership

English Classes

All-level english classes for adults and children, with a hands-on and sensorial approach.

Garden Projects

In community gardens: organic food production, access to healthy food, composting, habitat restoration and food preservation. 

In school gardens: organic gardening, nutrition, composting and preparation of food grown.