From French to English & Vice Versa


Translation – Revision – Editing

Certified Translation


Fields of expertise:

Ecology | General Medicine
Psychology | Sociology
Somatics | Disability and Capability


Types of texts: include journal articles, research reports, policies, medical assessments, educational and training materials, websites, subtitles, practical guides and published works.


Clients: I work for a range of demanding clients including international humanitarian organisations, international development agencies, medical clinics and physicians, psychologists, somatic practitioners, academic institutions, teachers and authors.






Classes and Workshops


Slowing down and paying attention to breath, movement and relationship to gravity, increases perception of the physical sensations that underlie cognitive functions, and creates a container in which it is possible to rest, orient and resource.



Body-Mind Centering® and Continuum (guided practice)


Languages: Taught in French and English


Location: Aix-les-Bains (Savoie) and Montreuil (Ile-de-France).


Participants: Adults, teenagers and children.





Borrowing from Classical Latin trans, ‘across’, and latus, ‘carried’, ‘to carry across‘.

Etymology ‘SOMA’

Borrowing from Ancient Greek sõma, ‘body‘.




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